Toaster Reviews


No kitchen is complete without a toaster. Whether you have a small 2 slice toaster or a large 6 slice toaster, most people use one on a daily basis. You can toast bagels for breakfast or bread to have with your dinner. There are many different brands, types and sizes when it comes to a toaster. Using toaster reviews will help you figure out which kind would best fit your family’s needs.
The 2-slice toaster is great for college students or someone who lives on their own. If you are cooking for one, you really only need to toast 2 slices of bread at one time. This is also great because you can slice both sides of your bagel at the same time. The 2 slice toasters are small enough to store in the corner on your counters or even in a bottom cabinet. Most of them have retractable cords so you don’t have to mess with a long cord getting in the way.

The 4-slice toaster is meant for kitchens who belong to families. If there are more than 2 people eating breakfast at the same time, you will need to toast 4 slices of bread or 2 bagels at the same time. The 4-slice toaster by Hamilton Beach lets you do just that. You no longer have to wait around for on slice to be done in order to slice the next. These are a little bigger in size but are still compact compared to a toaster oven or even a large oven. Storing these toaster might seem more difficult but they will fit neatly tucked away in a cabinet.



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