K Cups Best Price


K cups are a simple single serve coffee that is brewed in seconds by a specialized brewer.  They come in all sorts of flavors and brews as well as a few different designs.  Keurig is one of the most popular brand and arguably sets the standards for the single serve coffee market. 
K-Cups can cost a as little as a few cents per cup all the way to just under 1 dollar a cup for more specialty brews and flavors.  A good tip for finding cheap K cups is to search online for large variety packs.  Most of the major stores like Target and Wal-Mart will carry K-cups, but they will often times cost just a few cents more per cup, and you have sales tax.
When purchasing K-Cups online, on sites such as Amazon, you can find great deals on 72 count variety packs.  Theses assortments are great because you can have a new flavor of coffee for each day of the week. 
    Online you can also find great accessories for K-Cup Brewers such as single serve refillable coffee cups.  These are a great way to save if you have the time to fill individual cups and clean them after each use.  Many people don't care for these because they almost defeat the purpose of having a K-Cup in the first place, who wants to grind beans and clean a cup when they could just brew a normal pot?  One good thing about refillable cups is the ability to make high quantity brews of your choosing in your Keuig brewer.



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